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       from a dream to reality...       

788 Bath Bomb.jpg

I worked as a pediatric nurse when my children were little. In 2015 I opened a women's boutique that sold clothing, gifts and handmade bath and body products. I wholesaled bath bombs to companies on the east coast. As a severe asthmatic with skin allergies, I wanted to use the best ingredients possible. I traveled across the U.S. doing bootcamps and learning how to mix oils, fragrances and how to make bath bombs. I was fortunate enough to train under Holly Port who is known as the bath bomb queen and is a published author. It took me two years to perfect my bath bomb recipe. I worked on infusing my best selling products with THC distillate. I believe in quality, not quantity. So I have narrowed it down to my four best selling products. I am honored to be able to provide the cannabis community with quality infused bath and body products. People should not have to be in pain or rely on pharmaceutical drugs when we have an all natural option. Plants over poison!

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